2019 Litter

No puppies are available at this time. If you would like to be added to a waiting list for the next litter, please email us at song.of.blue.eyes@protonmail.com.

This is our last year’s litter from Luna and nike.

Albert. He got his name because he was born in Alberta, Canada. This blue-eyed guy is a proud Canadian because of his maple leaf marking. He is a fluffy cutie who loves to cuddle and give kisses. He is very smart and perfectly built too.

Amarok got his name from the Inuit word for “Wolf Spirit”. He is such a “smarty pants”, he is constantly exploring and figuring things out. He is the smallest of the litter and such a snuggle bug. He also has a maple leaf marking and a perfect husky mask, as well as blue eyes. He is going to be short and stocky.

Archie. This cute puppy is adorable! With two bright blue eyes and wooly piebold coat with lots of white he looks like a teddy bear. This baby will steal your heart.

Aria-Mandy. This lovely puppy is second smallest of the litter. She would be perfect in a home with kids or as a therapy dog. She is simply overloaded with cuteness! She has baby-doll face and blue eyes. She has a splash coat and patterns, making her look like a panda.

Aurora is such a lovely fluffy doll! She loves to play and snuggle. She is very confident and quiet yet very outgoing and loving. She is absolutely perfect with her blue eyes and a splash coat. She looks like a cute little panda.

Meet the parents:

Luna is black and white with piebald typical ‘husky’ markings and blue eyes:

Nike is black and white with typical ‘husky’ markings and blue eyes:

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