Frequently Asked Questions

How are you selecting potential buyers?

Please, email us at We try to reply withing 48 hours. In case you have not received a reply within 48 hrs, please try to contact us again. We are not selecting people according to living or financial conditions. We want responsible owners, who will provide lots of love for their pets.

Can I visit and see your dogs?

Only serious potential buyers will be allowed to visit. We don’t allow home visits for everyone to ensure the health and safety of our dogs and us. Please understand that the puppies are vulnerable to outside contaminants before the completion of their vaccination schedule.

How much does a Pomsky puppy cost?

Prices vary depending on each puppy’s features such as their markings, eye colour, coat quality, and size. Puppies with ideal markings and two blue eyes will go for a higher amount. Puppies without husky patterns will be less expensive. Current prices are 2000 to 4000 CAD.

What about health?

Our dogs are health tested, including genetic testing, to ensure healthy puppies.  Every puppy will be up to date on vaccinations and properly de-wormed prior to going to their new home. Your puppy will get a full examination and receive a veterinarian notice stating that the puppy is in perfect health.

We will do our best to secure the identity of your dog. Each puppy will be micro-chipped in an official veterinary clinic.

Do you ship?

Yes we can ship to Canada and Western USA. Shipping costs aren’t included in the price of your puppy. It will be estimated on the individual basis. Shipping can be done “in cabin” with a flight-nanny, “in hold” with a flight-nanny, or “in cargo” without our supervision.

We also do international shipping, but please consider that if your country requires rabies vaccinations to be completed, then your puppy will be ready to travel after 4 months because of a waiting period for the vaccine. You will need to pay extra money for us to hold the puppy until this age. You can see this example of flying with a puppy in the cabin on our Youtube page. Thor was in a carry-on kennel underneath the seat most of the time. The flight was 12 hrs. long and he tolerated it very well. We have also had a positive experience of transporting dogs by airplane “in hold” while being supervised by an accompanying person.

What about the size of Pomskies? Can you guarantee the exact charting as adult?

We always provide a projected weight, but cannot guarantee that a puppy will remain under a certain weight. With Pomskies there is always a chance of a throwback, so we can have puppies well under or over the expected weight range. Some may end up smaller, and some end up bigger than expected. The size is NOT dependent on Pomskies generations. Tiny as well as bigger puppies may be born in any multigene-litter or F1. We are not in an unethical race to produce health-risky tea-cups.

Pomsky breed standards (per APKC):

Pomsky / Mini Husky
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