Available puppies

Price $3500. DOB: April 7. Choosing day: April 29. Ready to go June 3. Parents: Ava and Drogo. If you are interested, please email us at song.of.blue.eyes@protonmail.com.

May 24th Update: Wow! Reese possesses the rarest eye color found among dogs. They are not hazel; they are actually green.

May 16th update: This Golden Princess is waiting for her forever lap, and we are carefully selecting the best match. This show-stopper is exclusive in the world of Pomskies. She embodies perfection and is too beautiful for words! Her eyes are extremely rare Hazel-blue. Her body structure and movements are excellent, appealing even to the most discerning show experts. Her fur is fantastic. She has a bb genotype in the B-locus, making her a true red Pomsky. Her temperament is perfect. In just two days, she will be 1.5 months old.

May 11th update: Reese is a female Pomsky puppy with a genetic makeup of red/white (bb in the B-locus), and she is not diluted. However, her coat color changes depending on the lighting. At times, it resembles gold; other times, it appears like white gold or platinum. When she was first born, I mistakenly thought she was a silver Pomsky. It’s like having a few Pomskies in one. Since she is a true red, her nose, eye trims, lip trims, and feet pads will be brown instead of black. Reese is the smallest puppy in this litter. She is in excellent health, and both of her parents are “health-clear.” Her estimated weight as an adult is around 20 lbs. She has a perfect mask and hazel-blue eyes. Her coat is wooly.

You can find more photos on our Instagram. If you are a serious buyer, please contact us at song.of.blue.eyes@protonmail.com.